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What is the difference between a Coffin and a Casket?

A coffin is a tapered design, narrow at the head and tapered towards the foot.
A coffin generally has a fully removable lid and is secured 
with separate fittings.  

Oxford Coffin

A casket is rectangular in shape in a range of designs, usually with a hinged lid.

Varied designs come in full lids or half lids.

Bowen Coffin

Composite Board Coffins are constructed from Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) or particleboard and have either a paper veneer, lacquered or painted finish.

Ideal for both cremation and burials.

Solid Timber Coffins and Caskets are crafted from Cedar, American Oak, Alder,
Radiata Pine and Mahogany.
Ideal for cremation and burial

16, 18 & 20 Gauge Steel suitable only for above-ground and below-ground burials

The environmental range limits the environmental impact. These caskets and coffins provide a simple design for families seeking a natural alternative. 
Ideal for cremation and burial.


The magnifica is made in Italy by EUROPAG under SALVATORE FERRAGAMO

furniture designer’s license

The beauty of 5,000 hand cut inlays, made by the art expert Mario Moriggi, is applied to an exclusive "Makassar" ebony base from the Antilles, a material used to cover the most refined pieces of furniture. The coffin is decorated with an Iris texture, a flower that represents the coat of arms as the "symbol of peace". The details of the diamond that adorns the centre of the coffin is made from Burmese mother-of-pearl and all of the metallic accessories are plated with 24 carat gold.The inside is lined with Alcantara leather, sewn by hand. The Magnifica marks time; enveloping and defining the concept of eternity in a valuable work of art.

Cremation Urns

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